I've been a student at this school for about 7 years. I've had no complaints. The professors are excellent professionals who are very good at what they do. We are given books to learn from and the professors also provide many exercises to teach students how to read music, understand all the symbols and chords. Students are also given the option to select from a list of music sheets they provide of modern music or they can bring in their own. To be honest, I really don't understand the bad reviews. Yes, they recommend you to buy a mini grand piano at first, but they don't force you to buy it. No one holds you against your will, you can just say "No thank you." These people are salesmen so they will try to sell you a piano. But if you don't want to buy it, then don't. You don't have to buy the piano they recommend, but I strongly recommend you actually buy a piano or keyboard. If you really want your child to learn how to play the piano, they're going to actually need one at home. The piano isn't like other instruments. Other instruments only require you to learn one clef, G clef or F clef. Piano requires you to know both. When playing, you have to read both clefs, the dynamics and count beat simultaneously, master the ability to play different melodies at the same time and then later on they teach the students how to use the pedal. It's just so much things going on at once that it will require a lot of practice from students. Therefore, you can't expect your child to become fluent piano players just from lessons . The teachers teach them how to read music and help them in class with anything they're struggling with. But in order for them to retain that information they need to practice at home. You have to make sure your child is practicing everyday at home at least 15 minutes to become a fluent piano player. You are required to pay before the 15th of every month. If you don't they charge a late fee of $20. If your child misses a lesson they can always schedule a makeup lesson. If you want to end lessons, make sure you advise them. I've seen some parents who stop bringing in their child and expect the school to automatically assume that they are no longer taking lessons and get angry when they're charged. Don't be that parent. As long as you pay on time, bring in your child for lessons and make sure they practice everyday, you and your child will be fine. If your kid wants to learn how to play the piano, this is the school for them. The teachers are sweet and extremely helpful !

Walking into this school everyday Thursday's, I'm always welcomed with a warm smile and happy vibes. Everyone here is so helpful and nice to you that you never feel unwanted. The teachers here help you with the pace that works for you and are very supportive. The guy at the front desk greets you with a lot of kindness and is there to help you with any issues that you may have. If there is an issue that someone may have, everything is resolved in a matter of time. Even though I just play the piano, this school offers other instruments to learn as well.

"It's a great school that offers many opportunities for children as well as adults. I've been going for about three years now, and learning so much each time. The teachers are great, especially my teacher, ms. Jackie. She's amazing and really has helped me tremendously in piano"

" Hi My Name Is Andrew. And I Love Coming To Keys To Success! The Teachers here are very loving and helpful to everybody. Josue at the front desk has a pleasant attitude and it's contagious! "

" I've been going to KTS Music School for at least four years, and I've enjoyed my time here. The teachers there are extremely helpful and friendly, and I can honestly say that I've learned a lot and I've grown as a musician."

" This place is great. I have a lot of fundamental skills which is good because I go to an arts school. I've been here for more than 6 years."

" KTS music is one of the best places i've ever gone to. The staff here is really nice and helpful and they always are the best. The teachers especially are very knowledgeable and its such a good atmosphere. I recommend them to you."

" People in the front are very helpful and they're very helpful when it comes to papers.They answer the phone quick.The teachers here are rlly good and they become very close to the students."

" Great staff, friendly environment, and tons of fun for students of all ages. Went to check the school out some time ago, and all I have to say is "exactly what the town needs" with over 25 years in Ozone Park, I couldn't believe the history. No school that offers music lessons has more extensive hours, better staff or a better location. In the heart of Ozone Park, you not only have the school, but tons of places to eat or shop even! Must check this place out if you're in the area. With the proper tools, anything is achievable"

" Keys To Success is hands down the best music school! My Kids attends there and the level of piano lesson they gets every week is second to none. My oldest son age 9 thought himself to play Maroon 5 Pay Phone and even auditioned for the Lion King. My youngest is close behind him in talent. Keys To Success is a great talent shaper.They teach your kids to be one with the art this is truly how success starts by appreciating the arts. I Recommend them only if your serious about music and your child's success.The staff are the most professional ever. They are definitely not a daycare so parents have to be equally actively involved in their child's learning. I see great result in my kids the way they play the piano at home. Your child will definitely have a love and appreciation for the arts and most of all express the universal language of the world which is Music. Kudos again KTS! "

" Ive been here at least 2 years now and to he honest learning anything new is a struggle but here its easier. A friendly enviorment and teachers that really care and really know how to teach . i learned a lot of skills and songs . Classics such as let it be by the beatles "

" I enrolled my two oldest children in this school in 2013 and am extremely pleased with every aspect of the school. The front desk staff are friendly and helpful. The music instructor, Mr. Angel is great and keeps my boys motivated! The payments are also affordable! I am looking forward to enrolling my 3 yr old and 1 yr old when they are old enough. Great music school!! "

" I love this school. My daughter has been attending KTS since August 2013 and loves it. She has excelled and her instructor Mr. Greg is wonderful. The classes are really small and the one on one attention is great!!! Yes, when you first have your free class, they will try to talk you into purchasing a piano but it is worth it. The convenience of having a piano at home is wonderful but it is up to you weather or not you want to purchase one. I can't wait for my 3 1/2 year old to start next year!!!!! "

" I love being such an integral part of this school. I work closely with the staff to ensure that every student receives the optimal attention and instruction. The teachers are very patient and encouraging and are willing to go the extra mile to assure that the students are learning and understanding the musical concepts. There is open communication between parents and teachers to ensure that everyone is happy and satisfied. The school has been around for 21 years and I've been lucky enough to share 8 of those years. In that time I have seen hundreds of students grow into amazing musicians. The experience so far has been a very fulfilling one which I hope to share for awhile to come. Many of the families know each other from the community which helps make our environment family friendly and happy. "


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